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Molly Whipple
United States
Current Residence: Empire City
Favourite genre of music: Classic rock and assorted alternatives
Favourite style of art: vintage comicbook
Favourite cartoon character: Stephanie Brown
Personal Quote: One of the perks of being a superheroine is getting to play dress-up every day.
I need to do more journals. I'm pretty sure I've done this before but it can't hurt to do it again. And it's similar to the three favorite deviations journal that :iconxzeroman: just did so I'm including him as a co-tagger. :) (Smile)

he first 12 people who answer/type a comment in this journal will get their avatars and three of their deviations that I like the most from their galleries in the list below! 


Once you do a "feature journal" like this, the rules state that you have to mention the previous tagger here ----> :icona-020: and :iconxzeroman:

(For example, when you start your feature journal... you'll put me as the first one on your list, and then pick 3 pictures from my gallery that are your favorites.  

The idea of this is not to get just a free feature, but to spread art around for everyone to see and enjoy. 

(Feel free to copy this journal when it's your turn to make your list! )

1. :icona-020:
It's hard to pick out faves because the thrill is often in the progression of a series. And the series tend to involve cute heroines in quicksand peril. Sometimes they escape and sometimes that sinking feeling overcomes them. ;)
Nuriye Quicksand #5 by A-020  Tina Quicksand #3 by A-020  Jungle Girl Vore #2 by A-020

2.:iconxzeroman:  He loves his wrestlers and he's got a contest for using his original character Victoria Pegaduro Profile by xZeroMan in a deviation. here are a few wrestling drawings from his gallery in varying styles.

Lexi VS Catherina Torture Rack by xZeroMan    Jessica Rabbit VS Holli Would by xZeroMan    Victoria Pegaduro VS Afeneria by xZeroMan

3.:iconjerrie46: Hard to pick just three from Jerrie's many comics. I enjoy the way his action really jumps at you. And I mean on every page!
Anfer (issue2 pg59) by jerrie46  Tria and Peggy7 by jerrie46  Jay'sfightclubissue6(pg59) by jerrie46

4. :iconerosarts: Again hard to pick three. My picks here are more indicative of my personal passion for peril than anything else. His "Perils of Penelope Pornstarr" comic is my favorite comic going. Lon has lots of great pin-up art as well.
Commencement Chapter 4 by erosarts  They Want Our Women 21 by erosarts  Potential Cover for Chapter 7 by erosarts

5. :iconwondercuria-dd:  Writes great sexually explicit stories of superheroines in terrible peril. And there are also many fine poser pieces her friends have provided to illustrate the stories.
Online Slavegirl Auction 3- for White OwlCuria landed on the ground, a few yards away from the warehouse.  As the newest Amazon to carry the mantle of the heroine Wonder Woman, she was no stranger to this kind of assignment: investigate the disappearance of several young women.   The last one, a model named Jasmine, was last seen two nights ago near this warehouse; and since there wasn’t anything else nearby, Curia figured this was as good a place to start looking as any.
She pushed open the door, a bit surprised to find it unlocked.  ‘I guess they weren’t expecting anybody to come looking,’ she thought as she walked in, looking around for a light switch.  Whatever room she was in was completely dark; she walked along the wall slowly, feeling all around for a switch or something to turn the lights on with.
“Hello?” she called out.  There was no response except for the echo of her own voice.  ‘Maybe I got bad intel,’ she thought as she walked deeper
  Curia Wonder Woman and Ultra Woman impaled by WonderCuria-DD  'You Can't Handle Me' image by AmazonArrow by WonderCuria-DD


  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Reading: Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine Sept/Oct
  • Watching: A Thousand Eyes of Sumuru
  • Playing: superheroines in peril roleplay
  • Eating: spaghetti with Texas toast
  • Drinking: water


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vladen13 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hey!, Thanks Molly for the Journal fave! :) , don't see those faved often :D
Chickfighter Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I enjoyed seeing all the pieces and parts leading up to your event together in one place. ;)
vladen13 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Natalie wears her bonds well ;) (Wink) Thanks fine for faving her and this socking psycho!.. And thanks Molly , for the Prelude fave , but now it's almost time for the main show! :evillaugh:
Chickfighter Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I'm holding my breath in antici... pation! :)
Peter-the-Tomato Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015
Thanks for supporting the young artist on his way to the top :D 
Chickfighter Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015
I'll be able to say I knew you when... ;)
vladen13 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015
Thanks much Molly for faving these " He's Coming " collectives , including my first try at your own ;) .. I look forward to what captivating piece I do for you next , but give me a little head start... which would you prefer ?... a death trap peril ? , a fetish torture ? , .. or a combo of both ? :plotting:
Chickfighter Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
I'm a superheroine! ;) I'm all about death trap perils! :P Although there's nothing wrong with it being fetishy or imperiling my costume as well! :jawdrop:
vladen13 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
Then I fore see you meeting up with a certain Jack ;)
Chickfighter Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015
*bats lashes*

Whatever would he want with lil ol me?

I can't wait to see what you come up with! :)
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